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Gluten-Free For A Week - Side Effect?

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I went gluten free a week ago tomorrow after a positive blood test (waiting one more week for biopsy results), and my stomach is definitely feeling better.

However, starting on Saturday, I noticed that I was VERY moody - sort of like PMS that came on out of no where. It was like I was instantly furious. I haven't had a day like that again, but I have noticed that each day, at some point, I get suddenly very moody - either angry, or anxious-feeling, or just kind of blue. It doesn't last all day or even for a long time.

Is this possibly related to going gluten-free? Are my hormones being affected by the diet change? I take birth control pills, so my hormones should be regulated, although I can't be sure how much of them I've been absorbing while my digestive issues have been at their worst the last two months.

Just wondered if this is common, and if so, how long it usually lasts for.

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It is common. You are going through withdrawl and that is normal for many of us. For me it lasted about 2 weeks some have it go on a bit longer. Do make sure you are strict with the diet as slip ups can prolong the withdrawl.

To help with it perhaps treat yourself a bit whether it is a bit of your favorite gluten-free treat or a relaxing bubble bath or a funny movie. What you are doing going gluten free is hard at first and that combined with the withdrawl can make us pretty moody. I hope it passes soon for you.

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