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Reacting To Small Amounts - Article At Celiac.com

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I don't remember seeing any discussion of this article here, but there's been so much celiac related press lately.

I was wondering if you'd read it and what you thought about it, particularly in light of the non-action by the FDA to define the phrase "gluten free."

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Even if you are not "super-sensitive" the gluten free gluten content can add up. Let's say I eat 4 cookies. Per serving they have 10 ppm. A serving is 2 cookies, but rarely do people eat only 2. Now I have just eaten 20 "parts" I also have 2 slices of gluten-free bread and a banana. The bread might have another 10 parts. It can add up.

I know that my addition isn't exactly correct but I hope it illustrates the point that it adds up. Even if we aren't supersentitive, it can still affect us.

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That writer seems to have a good understanding of super sensitivity in celiac disease/gluten intolerance.

I wrote to her to thank her for the article a while back, and she's a super-sensitive herself. Nice to have someone who understands so that others can get information other than 'it's all in your head,' you know? :-)


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