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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?

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After a positive biopsy showing Celiac my GP ordered a celiac panel which consisted of the following three tests

Tissue Transglutaminase <3

Anti-Gliadin IgA AB 4

Celiac IgA (Nephelom) 210

Because these are negative he is saying I do not have Celiac. Can anyone tell me if I had all the Celiac blood work tests done by looking at this list?

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Blood tests can give false positives, like with all other tests. However i think (think) there are two tests missing from that.

False positives on blood tests are almost unheard of but false negatives are quite common.

As stated the positive biopsy trumps the negatives blood. If the situation was reversed, negative biopsy but positive bloods then the bloods would trump the biopsy as false negatives with both blood tests and biopsy are not uncommon. If you have either test positive you are celiac.

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