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Dermatologist In Atlanta That Knows A Lot About Dh?

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We think that our 21 month old may have DH, we kind of go back and forth about having her tested. But, if we do decide to get her tested does anyone know of a good dermatologist in or around Atlanta GA who specializes in DH? Also, I know there can be false negatives but is it a high rate of false negatives? She is 100% gluten free except for a mix up here and there, she's pretty sensitive to cross contamination.

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The literature says that DH is "extremely rare in children". But that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I don't think very many dermatologists are educated about DH at all...let alone DH in children. I saw three including Chiefs of Dermatology at 2 medical centers and neither one would do a biopsy. I have DH on my face. It is also "extremely rare". I hope you can find a dermatologist willing to biopsy, but I don't know how likely that is. Secondly, the DH biopsy is just as the gastrointestinal biopsy...one must be eating gluten to test postive. And even when consuming gluten, there is a high rate of false negatives with DH. My information is from Dr. Peter Green in Celiac, A Hidden Epidemic.

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