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What Are The Right Blood Test To Get?

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Hello all I am new here and possibly a new Celiac. I will be getting worked up for Celiac but would like to know what blood test i should be getting to get a proper diagnosis and what levels would I need to be at to be considered positive? I would value your input as it seems you all have a much better handle on this than most docs.

Many years ago I was tested and the doc said my blood was postive but then the biopsy was negative and that was that. I was having other gi problems at the time so I really never pursued it further.

Recenlty my hair has been falling out, I am bone tired, I have gotten a mysterious rash that comes and goes (but doesn't look like the typical celiac rash as it is not blistery looking) I have tons of gas and bloating and constipation has always been a problem, and I have an aunt that had Celiac.

So I would like to make sure that I am getting the right blood work done this time and what the levels that would make it positive.

I thank you all in advance for your help.


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