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Weird Skin Condition

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I've had this weird skin condition for about 8 years now. My skin is often covered with these pus filled sores (only on my arms, sometimes (though rare) on my upper leg and chest), similar to a mini pimple (gross right?). Some will 'evolve' for lack of better term into large cyst like this, painful and everything. Not really scratchy during the day, but my mother swears i scratch at night (which is probably true as i sometimes wake up with bloody spots on my sheets :(). Is this by chance any way related to Celiac?

I've been on an antibiotic for it, and it didn't work. I've tried special lotions, didn't work. Been to the doctor many times because of it, and got some random DX that i don't even remember what it was, and all of the recommended treatments for that DX didn't work.

Its just.. getting really annoying. My upper arms are almost always red and covered, if i get sunburned there they will 'vanish' (lack of better term) and re appear worse then ever before after the sun burn goes away.

I 'think' my gluten free diet has been helping it, its not as populous as it was before.

Just curious here. Even if it was DH i probably couldn't take anything for it due to having major allergies towards antibiotics (not fun not fun).

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The past two months, I've developed red, raised bumps at my hairline. When they came back, they spread onto my temple and both sides of the back of my neck.

Over the past two years, I've also had the painful, red, extremely itchy and liquid filled bumps on my shoulders, back and chest. I went to the dermatalogist on Thursday. He said without doing a biopsy, he's almost 100% sure the itchy liquid bumps are dematitis herpetiformis related to my celiac disease. He asked me if I "cheat" on my gluten-free diet. I told him I' human and sometimes it does happen, but for the overwhelming part of the time I'm eating gluten-free (unless of course, I'm being cross contaminated, or don't notice something in a label). I took photos, because by the time I got an appointment they were fading. He said if they reappear he would like to biopsy. The doctor told me I MUST wear sunscreen when I'm going to be outside; the ultraviolent light worsens the condition, which makes sense, because whenever I'm out in the sun all day (even with sunscreen) I develop these painful patches on my chest and shoulders. I even bought a back scratcher to try and deal with the ones on my back (but as you know, scratching them open is extremely painful and they scar).

The other red, raised bumps (which are not itchy and do not hurt at all) are possibly a form lupus skin disorder (discoid lupus).

The doctor has given me a prescription for a cream (Vanos) to use for the next two weeks and I go back for a follow-up. Unfortunately, the pharmacy will not have it until Monday.

I hope this was a little helpful.

Good luck!

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I think you have hidradenitis.

Here is the link: http://www.hs-usa.org/default.htm

I've suffered from it since I was twelve. I'll be 25 on Wednesday and the only way I've seen relief from it is through a strict gluten-free diet. They tend to appear in areas that your skin folds, it's due to excess moisture. If it isn't HS, hopefully it'll be a lead.

I was diagnosed with HS in 2005. There's not too much known about it, but I feel it's related to gluten.

Go see a dermatologist and they can take you from there.

Good Luck

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