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brain fog

speach loss, cant get words out correctly

abdominal pain

digestive pain hours after eating

severe persistent heart burn


migraines, frequent

runny nose and sneezing after meals



tail bone pain

chronic fatigue

auto immune disorders

type 1 diabetes


Also struggle with obesity

Always hungry

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It definitely sounds like you've got a lot of symptoms that many people on this board experience as a result of their Celiac or gluten intolerance. It couldn't hurt to see your doctor and ask for a blood test/Celiac panel.

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Don't go gluten free yet even though it may be tempting because you will feel better (I'm sure you know that). You have almost all of the same symptoms I do. I will never get diagnosed because I started gluten free first and I will never go back to eating gluten so I can get tested. But yes, your symptoms sound very much like mine...stick it out hopefully the end is near!:-)

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While the more common presentation in celiac disease is being underweight due to malabsorption, some people gain weight due to celiac disease, and lose it after going gluten-free. Sadly, there are still some doctors out there who believe that if you are overweight you can not have celiac disease. :angry:

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