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Are These Symptoms Related?

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here are my symptoms related to celiac?

itchy watery eyes and sneezing alot

asthmatic cough

runny nose

its like i stuck my head in a vacume cleaner bag

headake and pressure at the back of my neck and base of head

right side bowel pain

super tired feeling really drained

super hungry but have no desire to eat i look at food any kind of food and can not bring my self to eat anything and when i do eat somethign i am left with this gawd awful taste in my mouth

muscle cramps all over my back and front

ciatica pain ,back pain

at times i feel like my air ways are being restricted like swelling

im thinking that some of this is from gluten and some of this is from soy milk am i right? i have never drank soy milk before so im wondering could i be allergic to it ?

i have been lactose free for aprox 2 months and gluten-free for oh about 2 weeks

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