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Biopsy Today, Realition To Gastritis?

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Hello everyone-

Just had an endoscopy doctor said he noticed some inflammation on the stomach. He took a biopsy of that to see in an infection could be the cause, before I left he said preliminary no infection. So could just be gastritis, I just looked it up and it says some autoimmune disorders could cause that, but I didn't see which ones. None of the other causes seemed to match up. I don't take anti inflammatory pills very often. I only drink a glass of wine (or two :) once in a while.

About 7 weeks ago I had to have my gall ladder out. (no stones, just wasn't functioning properly). I strongly believe there is a connection between that and celiac. I did read major surgery could also cause gastritis. Not sure if gallblader would be major?

So, my question is do any of you k ow of a relation between celiac and gastritis?

btw- my doctor also did a biopsy for celiac, but he said he didn't see any damage that was obvious to the eye.


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I had both gastritis and duodenitis (inflammation) show up when my GI did my endoscopy. I was rather surprised as my stomach didn't hurt. So yes, I'd say it's pretty common with celiac.

ETA: It's not uncommon that damage wouldn't be visible to the naked eye...you'll find out more when you get your pathology report.

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Gastritis is not uncommon with celiac. Also celiac can be triggered by surgery, illness or other stresses. We also seem to have many that have issues with the gallbladder. Myself included although mine resolved after I went on the diet. Do give the diet a good strict try after all your testing is done even if the results are negative.

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