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Bakery On The Main Granola Bars

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A box of these costs me around $5.59 for a 6 oz box that comes with five bars. I could get the bags of it a lot cheeper and make bars myself. Any ideas on what to mix with it? I was wanting to make these for my 6 year old. I thought honey, but he does not like the taste of it.

I also just read on their site that they produce a wheat free but not gluten free granola bar that has oats in it. I haven't eaten any of the gluten free stuff myself in quite sometime now because I thought the sesame seeds were giving me problems. Now I wonder if there is oat cc and it was getting me. Hmm... I wonder if I should bother with these at all in the house since I am sensitive. I don't think my son is, that I can tell anyway, but I avoided oats when he was a baby because he would get a rash on his head. I hate it when things get messy!


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