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Karl Otto

Changing Avatar

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I will be changing my Avatar Pic from time to time. I did not like the look of those pre-printed ones. So, I plan in using my own watercolor paintings instead. I am Karl Otto and I have Celiac Disease with Hyperinsulinism Hypoglycemia.

I have three sons. A 37 year old, a 33 year old, and, a 15 year old son with Autism, Mild Retardation, and, Celiac Disease. We all inherited our disease directly from my mother whom is dead at this time. I have been married three times and, currently divorced. I live in the house of my oldest son with my youngest son. I have no pets or other animals. My hobbies are drawing, watercolor paintings, and movie dvd collecting. 57 years old and not looking for anymore relationships. Call me brother monk from now on. I would rather do without women than go through the line of bull, I have went through in the past times.

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Hey Karl,

Another painter here. I use my self portrait for my avatar. Avatar changes are common around here. In the gab chat room funny pages thread they have been using avatar pics of pets with hats recently to celebrate the royal wedding.

You can post your web site in your profile if you have one for your art. You can't put it in your signature though.

Anyway, there are several artists on the board. And people learning art too.


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