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So Tired Of Waiting............

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As of 1 PM CST I have not heard from my Dr yet about my Celiac Panel :( They have called me 3 times (since my appt on the 11th when I had 7 tubes of blood drawn) about other test results so I know they WILL call me when the results are in.

I am just soooooo tired of waiting. I WANNA KNOW!!!!!

I know these things take time but GEESH!!!

Well thanks for letting me rant! I tell my Dh a lot about it but he really doesn't understand! But he is a great listner :wub:

Thanks again and I hope everyone has a great day!!

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I hear you, I really do :rolleyes: . I'm so sick of waiting too :angry::( . For results or appointments, or challenges etc etc for symptoms.

Good luck to us all. I hope you get your results soon.

I was waiting waiting for my recent results, phoning the centre twice a day, and they were saying 'no not yet' but when I phoned after three days over due AGAIN, and actually expressed concern that they had not come in yet, after some searching it turned out they WERE in, but the Dr hadn't looked at them yet, so the reception ladies didn't know they were back or something... :rolleyes:

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Thanks Meg123!

It is hard (still waiting on results BTW) but it does help toknow that I am not alone. B)

THat is crazy about your Dr! That is somethign that would happen to me! I have thought that maybe they lost the fax or something (my blood work had to be sent off to a different lab)!!

Thanks again!!!


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