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How Long Does "detox / Withdraw" Last?

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This is my 4th day officially gluten free. (Biopsy was Monday, no word yet) I already know I have some form of intolerance because I had surgery to have my gallbladder removed in April. After surgery it was a few days of no appetite and as I started to eat again "symptoms" (mainly headaches) that I struggled with for years I was able to link with the food I was eating. I opted for the endo because the surgeon wanted me to see a gi to have a colonoscopy done anyway. I figured if the GI doc was going to do one he could do both, which was why I went back to full gluten. My question is, the first 2 days weren't so bad. Yesterday and today I seemed to feel ok until about late afternoon a terrible sinus like headache hit. How long does this "withdraw" stage I've been reading about last?

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I have been wondering this myself!! I have not "officially" been diagnosed yet. I had a Celiac Panel drawn up on the 11th and have not heard from my Dr yet :(

I hope you get to feeling better and you get your results soon!!!!

Take care!!!


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I think I bore the brunt of my withdrawal done within the first few weeks. I started getting really horrible migraines during the second and third weeks, I believe. I've been gluten-free for almost two months now and am feeling much better (thank goodness the headaches are gone!)

It's different for everyone, but it does normally take a long time to completely heal.

Good luck and feel better!

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