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Starbucks Natural Fusions

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I started drinking "Starbucks Natural Fusion CARMEL with other Natural Flavors" which I purchased in the 11oz. ground bag. The ingredients include: Ground Coffee, Natural Flavor (with Corn Maltodextrin and Butter [Mil]), Licorice Root, Dehyrated Orange Peel, Ground Cinnamon, Ground Nutmeg.

All week, I felt off (panic, tremor, upset stomach, fatigue) and had diarrhea 2-3 times a day. I called Starbucks and the rep was very helpful and stated that Starbucks does not put gluten in the product. I asked him about the ground spices and if he knew if the source that they purchased them from added gluten as an anticlumping agent. He was clear that Starbucks does not ask for this information from their vendors and get the spices at the best price they can get.

Two days ago, I stopped drinking this coffee and now I feel completely fine and no longer have any GI symptoms or fatigue. Has anyone else experienced this with this flavor or other flavors of Starbucks Natural Fusion Coffees? I do not think this product is gluten free.

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I have yet in many years of being gluten-free found spices that use wheat as an "anti-clumping agent." This is one of those that borders on being a celiac urban myth.


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