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Blanc Burgers And Bottles

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So, I discovered Blanc on the Plaza in Kansas City several months ago. Since then I would easily say we've driven down from Liberty at least every 10 days for me to have a Gluten free burger. Their burgers are easily the best I've had and the "Kneaded Specialties" gluten-free buns just was the icing on the cake. Well today's experience was really saddening. The waitress today suggested a daily grind special which was supposed to be a smoked blue cheese burger. I of course ordered it on a gluten free bun. The burger arrived and looked tasty but after a couple bites I knew something was wrong. The kitchen made a mistake and put a Barley burger on a gluten-free bun and sent it out to me. A person that is gluten intolerant...... When I called attention to something not right it was taken away immediately. A mgr was then at our table saying they had taken the burger off our bill....gee...I barely ate it. A companion complained that in the grand scheme that wasn't much compensation she then seemed miffed and came back with 60% off. I realize I take a risk every time I eat out but I was so saddened because of how I loved this place that I made a comment on their facebook page. I wasn't rude.... I said I loved them..... I just relayed my disappointment at the error. My post was removed without even a comment... This disappoints me even more......

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I live in KC, too. I haven't tried Blanc Burgers. That sucks. Apparently the manager doesn't understand that that can make you very sick. That wasn't a little accidental crumb, it was a whole poison burger.

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