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Midnight Snack Rant

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Just had a little mini emotional *moment* in the kitchen when there was NOTHING I wanted to eat. So, I'm looking for ideas for quick snacks... but there are restrictions. <_<

-Since I need to eat a late night snack/meal (or I wake up in the middle of the night with anxiety and dizziness), it needs to have some lasting energy/protein. I can't just have a bowl of cereal or rice - too much sugar low when it wears off.

-I need to go kind of easy on dairy. Can have some, but not a lot, and not by itself

-No corn (I try to avoid xanthan gum, too)

-No oats

-I try to stay away from pre-packaged/processed stuff

-Easy to eat and digest (no raw veggies)

-Comfort-type food is best-I'm happier if it's warm, but that's not necessary

-It can't take forever to prepare since I don't want to wake myself up again before bed.

-No microwave at this time!

Things that have worked in the past that I'm tired of (or don't have):



-potato chips/sour cream dip

-roasted almonds

-leftover soup

-guacamole with whatever I feel like dipping in it

Ready, go!

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Banana and peanutbutter! Thats what i have :) Sweet, lots of protein and it tastes delicious, i usually have it on rice cakes, also its good for you in a sense better than junk food :)

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I take a couple tangerines up with me to bed and snack on them when I am reading. I also sometimes will do Snyder Pretzels with some Kraft jarred Chedder Cheese to dip them in.

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- Peanut butter with gluten-free crackers, apple slices, banana, or whatever else I have around.

- Hummus with whatever I feel like dipping in it

- Olive tapenade on gluten-free bread. Sometimes I just get a little dish of olives by themselves. The oil in them makes them filling.

- See if you can find a soy cheese you like

- Natural, unsweetened applesauce, maybe with a little cinnamon and some raisins

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i feel the same way here is what i have been snacking on lately

i have been snacking on trail mix

and i like to add yogurt covered raisins or nuts or yogurt covered anything

marshmallows i have been eating thoes when im desprate

jello with mandarin oranges or strawberries

jello with grated carrot and celery

tapioca love that stuff

smoothies usually banana and strawberry

today i made banana strawberry red seedless grapes apple sauce smoothie and ice and water boy it was good

i also made vermicelli i bought spinach kind and i have the normal stuff but today i used the spinach

so what i did was added leeks 1 sm clove garlic mushrooms sauted them with EVOO added broccoli sweet peas and been sprouts cooked them added some chicken broth and chicken seasoning gluten-free kind then cooked until boiling then added the vermicelli and let cook for a bit added more water and some spices and used corn starch to thicken a bit and it was comfort food yummy i have enough left over to have for a snack later

hope this helps

oh and i have been searching food network .com for lots of recpies

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