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I was curious as to what most of you use when you're out by the pool or the lake. I normally use Hawaiian Tropic 6 spf, but I called the other day and they were certain their ingredients were Gluten Free; they were not sure their facilities were. I prefer a lower spf as I tan somewhat well, but would like a little protection.

What do you use when you get out of the sun? Aloe, after sun lotion etc.

Also, because I seem to be eating less on this diet I decided I need a Multivitamin. Which ones do you guys use?

Thanks everyone for your help these last couple of weeks. Today is the beginning of my 3rd week and I cannot believe the transformation my health is undergoing! It is like a second chance at life!

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I did a little research the last couple of days and found out that all coppertone lotions are fine to use. They told me that all of their lotions are gluten free. Has anyone had a bad experience with coppertone? Good?

I also found out that Target's Brand of Multivitamins are gluten free as well. Has anyone had bad experience with that brand?


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