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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?

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I just received the bloodwork results from tests last Monday. I went gluten-free in Jan 2011. FOr the first time in 4 years, my thyroid tsh is in the correct range!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! The other happy part is that my Vit D, B12, and folate are low. I say this is good news because I can supplement and do something about this and hopefully this will give me the boost I need to feel really good, or at least a whole lot better. My vitamin D is 27 ref range 30-100, B12 is 239, ref range 200-1100 (qutie a large range if you as me), and folate is 4.8 and it should be >5.4. All of my iron counts are right in the midrange. I am excited that I am on the right track. I just wonder what the vitamin levels were in January if my TSH has improved that much. Hmmmm.....

Any suggestions for supplements is appreciated. Also I asked her to switch me from Synthroid (unable to confirm gluten status) to the generic levothyroxine from Mylan who claims to be gluten-free. That could help even more. I was on the brand name because my levels had been all over the place. Now we know it was the celiac.

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Thanks for posting, I always am uplifted when people write about their successes and continue to find approproate ways to improve.

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