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Starting 3Rd Week Of Gluten Free Lifestyle

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I can certainly tell a difference in my overall health since going gluten free; however, I notice somedays are just a lot better than others.

I know when a lot of people first start their gluten free diet, they must also go lactose free. As I posted on here before, I don't have stomach problems, but more neurological; headaches, light sensitivity, muscle fatigue and weakness, tiredness, etc. For a few days I was making major strides to normality; however, since Sunday I seem to have taken a couple steps back. My sister and brother-in-law made a birthday lunch for me on Sunday;

grilled chicken with only salt and olive oil (on foil)

grilled corn on the cob (on foil)

peppers in an iron skillet (which I kindly declined as I have saw that eating something prepared in an iron skillet may not be the best idea)

Gluten Free Cake (which made me pretty nervous to try)

And Homemade Ice Cream

Could lactose also cause neurological problems as well? Or could it be CC from something else?

I am very pleased with the progress I have made so far, but was just curious as to whether this was normal?

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It sounds like your symptoms are similar to mine. I have to ingest a fairly large amount of gluten to get digestive symptoms but the slightest contamination brings back the muscle aches and the neurological symptoms. Everyone is different but I have actually been digesting dairy and corn better than ever before since I went gluten free.

If the meal was prepared at their house then it could be a contamination issue - my guess would be the homemade ice cream or the gluten free cake. Was the cake baked in a non-stick pan previously used for gluten cakes? Was the ice cream made from a cooked custard base that was cooked in a non stick gluten-contaminated pot? Was it made in an ice cream maker that has previously made cookies and cream ice cream? Were either of them stirred with a contaminated wooden spoon? That would be enough to bring on several days of fatigue, brain fog and soreness for me.

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Thanks for the reply Poppi.

It is interesting that you mention corn. I was eating corn chips, supposedly gluten free for a few days. I did notice that I started feeling even better when I stopped eating them. Then on both Saturday and Sunday, I had corn on the cob. My mom made a slight mistake boiling the corn in the pot she usually makes pasta in. I am guessing I might have gotten some CC from that. Is there a chance that I need to take a litte time away from corn as well?

Since they did prepare it at their place, there is a small chance of CC. I just asked her what type of cake pan she used and she said one with a teflon coating, could that be a problem? Can plastic spatulas and cooking utensils hold on to gluten residue?

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Yes, yes and yes.

You might need a break from corn. Try avoiding it for a couple weeks and then trying it again.

The teflon pot is the most likely culprit. I had to get rid of all my pots and baking pans and replace with with stainless steel and glass as I was getting glutened from the residue that just can't be washed out of the pots.

Plastic and wood utensils can hold on to gluten as well.

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Thanks Poppi

I will definitely give up corn for a little while, along with lactose as well. I hadn't thought of plastic untensils until yesterday, so I will be making that change as well.

Thanks for your help Poppi! I am learning more and more each day.

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