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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?

Karl Otto

Why I Chose My Current Diet !

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When, I first decided on the right diet. I did decide to try the Celiac diet. Then, I ran into problems right away.

Th celiac Diet, says to stay away from gluten, wheat, oats, and barley, etc..... That meant, I could eat just about everything esle on the plate.

Well, the spices and the natural oils in the foods gave me imediate stomach burn, heart burn, and nausea. So, I had to cut out spices.

The Celiac Diet pretty much said, I can have all sorts of sweets as long as there is no gluten in them.

I ran into problems again. The sugars both natural and refined sugars, spiked my blood glucose levels too high and too low.

I was practically having Diabetic Nightmares. My glucose levels were not stable and, this gave me physical problems.

So, I had to cut out refined sugars and watch carefully the natural fruits and other natural sugars place into my body.

So, here I was, I could not have spices, I could not have refined sugars, and, I had to watch the amount of glucose in my foods daily.

I have to stay away from greazy, oilly foods, also.

I ended up with this diet of mine:

Lunderg all natural organic brown rice

Organic, free range chicken and could only have the breast meat because it contained the less fats.

Organic Peas straight from the garden

Organic Brown lentils beans straight from the feilds

Strawberries, Blueberries, and Blackberries

2 onces of Organic Skim milk, I had to drink this because after one year of taking calcium pills of all sorts, they made me really sick.

The doctor said milk in a very small dose would help me get most of the calcium needed. Organic skim milk contains very little whey, or Casein.

Bottomline: We have to work with all the sickness or diseases in our bodies. Since, one Celiac Diet and Hypoglycemia Diet do not work too well together.

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Looking at your diet, Karl, I think what probably struck most of us is that the only vegetable you are eating is green peas.

Please read the information at the following link:

Vegetables are critical for hypoglycemics


Best vegetables for hypoglycemics include:




Bok Choy


Brussel Sprouts







Green & Wax Beans







Surely there must be some of these things you can eat :o

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I am old enough to know what veggies are. I also know that veggies are very important for Hypoglycemic People. I use to get realy sick with my veggies awhile back. The night, I went into the hospital emergency room, I was having Spinach, bland with no spices, just a little iodine salt on top. The spinach just sit there on my stomach and produced allot of gas. I had gass pains, you would not believe. The doctor listened to my stomach with his scope. He told me my stomach was not processing anthing at all. The food was just sitting there in my stomach going no where, just producing gas. I explained about the spinach, he said it should not have hurt me but, it has. He told me to go home and explore what veggies hurt or did not hurt my stomach. Peas is the only one, I found that, I could eat prenty of and it did not hurt me. It does represent green veggies, does it not ?

In fact, I went home and alos experimented on different foods, fruits, nuts, and berries. Apples made my glucose climb really high as well did, pares, oranges, bananas, etc..... I ended up with strawberries, black berries, and blue berries.

So, I put them on my list of foods, I can tolerate. Berries of all kinds, makes your glucose go up slowly and stay up longer in the noram range. Slow burning fuel and glucose source. There is a reason for everything in my diet.

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When ever you eat a food or food group and, it gives you gas, nausea, or just sits on your stomach, it is a pretty good indication it is bad for you. When it came to iceberg letuce, it made me betch it up 1 - 2 hours after I eat it. So, the was out. Raw veggies have more sugar in them than, you may think. Again, allot of veggies do a body good but, some people have a change in body after the get sick. Take peanuts and tree nuuts, I could eat small amounts of peanut butter and a small amount of jell up until 25 then, out of the blue, my body became allergic to nuts and tree nuts of all kinds. When, I use to eat just about anything, I was always feeling terrible after each meal. The VA Doctor would tell me, don't starve yourself, go ahead and eat what you like. I was so stupid back then that, I actually listened to them. Then, I spent 1 - 2 hours after every meal rolling around on the floor of my living room with terrible nausea. I also had bouts of constipation all the time, too. The VA doctors were not stupid as I was. They were trying to get me to die. What doctor in his or her right mind would order a patient with Celiac Disease to eat anything they like? There is also a schedule on-line that tell all the nutritional food facts. This guide is very helpful in decided what foods you need to eat for the right amoung of natural vitamins in your diet. I looked up my current diet and, it statisfies the vitamins and minerals I need. I used to take vitamin supplements but, after 6 - 8 months they were making me sick to my stomach after I took them. So, I had no choice but to lay off the vitamin suppliments. It is through trial and error that I came up with my current diet. I have never suffered any nausea after eating the current diet. Yes, it might not sound delious but, it helped me out greatly. I remember all the horrible times rowling around on the living room or bedroom floor holding my stomach. No amount of money would ever get me to go back to the old standard of eating whatever you like or is good for someone else. I went through childhood, teenage years, and young adulthood sick to my stomach after every meal. Heart papatations, full body jerks, and severe nausea, simply horrible times.

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Many of us have been quite intolerant to several foods but after we have healed and spent a sufficient amount of time avoiding them we can add them back in again, provided we don't eat too much of them. I just recently discovered I could eat some potato occasionally. I have not yet tried eating lentils although am thinking about it because it has been almost two years since I stopped eating them.

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