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Gluten Intolerant (But Having New Symptoms?)

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I am gluten intolerant, and since following a gluten free diet much of my problem symptoms had cleared up.

I had a blood test last year for celiac disease, but got a negative result. I'm not sure about the accuracy however, as I wasn't prepared and had already started my gluten free diet. I was tested for thyroid as well, also negative result.

I have eaten some meals with wheat now and then as a treat (yes, I'm bad) and only reacted occasionally with my usual symtoms (sore stomach, cough, tired)which made me think I'm not severe enough to be celiac. But recently my reaction has changed, and I'm being strict from now on.

Firstly, I'm curious to see if anyone else has experienced this symptom; enlarged lymph glands in the neck? I hope I haven't got some other thing. I can only make a possible connection to intolerance through a curry I ate that day, as I did not have a virus. I experienced a racing heart at for a short time at night, a painless bubble feeling under my right rib cage, and my limbs felt fatigued. After a week, these symptoms and swelling disappeared.

Just a few days ago however, I accidentally got glutened, and once again the same symptoms came about. I can feel one of the lymph glands in my neck has swollen up again, with all the symptoms.

I'll probably go to the doctor again. Just wandering if there is any connection whatsoever?

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You really do need to see a doctor. This is not something you want to ignore. There are all sorts of reasons for swollen lymph glands but you need to have a professional figure out the reason for you.

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You should get things checked out with your doctor to be on the safe side. I did have constantly swollen lymph nodes pregluten free and they took a very long time to go down. Doctors checked me for all the really bad things they could be but always ended up saying it was from my 'atopic dermatis' which was actually DH. Since there are some really serious things that can cause swollen lymph glands do get it checked out unless they have resolved completely.

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