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gluten free overseas

A Good Doc In Orlando Fl, Anyone?

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Hi, everyone. I live overseas in a country where celiac is so rare that the hospitals do not have the capability to test for it. So I did a self-diagnosis through an elimination diet. Like most of you, my life has dramatically changed even in the couple months I've been off gluten. It's too late for me to get the blood tests because I've been off gluten for a while, and there's no way I'm eating gluten again ever--I get glutened through cc, no way am I ever eating a slice of bread.

So. I have two small children. Both show some possible signs--fatigue with one, severe constipation with the other. I have not put them on the gluten-free diet yet because I want to get them tested first. I am visiting the States in two weeks-- we'll be 2 weeks in Orlando FL, and 4 weeks in Syracuse, NY. I have been trying to arrange doctors appointments to get my children tested while I'm visiting the States. My mother just said that she had a huge conversation with a pediatric gastro doctor's nurse (on in Orlando FL) and this doctor we had an appointment with has never ordered blood tests for celiac for children--basically, doesn't know much about it and would have to refer me to someone else anyway. I'm in a time crunch and need to get the blood test done in a short time frame. Does anyone know of a good doctor who could (himself or herself) order the blood tests? In Orlando or Syracuse?

What to do what to do? Do I just put my children on a gluten free diet and do an elimination thing with them too? I mean, it's hard on a child--all the class parties and halloween and everything--I don't want to put them on it if they don't have it. But I don't want them to suffer like I did as a child. I'm kind of stressed out and close to tears.

Any advice?

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I had a genetic test through Entero Labs, which did not require a doctor's order to get it. It does not require having gluten to do the test. I would talk to your kids about it and how you suffered and how this might help them feel better to try not having gluten. Given the gluten free product industry it is a good time to go gluten free. I think it is important to consider symptom relief but also the damages that might go unseen. Therefore, if you and the kids feel better avoiding gluten it could be worth it. Sure it is hard not to be able to have mainstream/ popular foods and be the odd person out, but it is worse to be sick and to be trying to heal years of damages. You seem to have experiences years of being sick, so it seems like it would help them to at least give a gluten free diet a try. I live in the Orlando area and I do not know about a good doctor let alone one who works with children. I do not think this is a good area for getting tested and treated for Celiac's/Gluten Intolerance. Since you have not been tested yourself you do not know exactly what could have been passed on to your children. Eliminating gluten would help if it is gluten/wheat allergy, celiac's, gluten intolerance, etc - but different tests are going to be positive for each of them. Hopefully there is a doctor in Syracuse. I really liked the Entero Labs test since I did not have to eat gluten and make myself sick and it seems more accurate since it is looking at my genes. In addition, I have had lots of symptoms but I usually look fine on lab tests, so by looking at my genes it gave an idea of what was going on versus me seeming like I am fine on the ordinary blood tests. Best wishes.

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