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Giving Lip-Service To Eating Gluten Free Makes Me Sad

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I cannot relate to this yet, as I never had this type of encounter, yet I cannot see anyone willing to cheat and hurt themselves. I have read the complications from cheating (going on as if you dont have celiacs) and the complications alone scare me enough not to cheat!

The only dumb question, is the one that remains unasked.

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Oh yeah I know what you mean about the glazed over look.. lol I've run across several people that are 'fake gluten free' Why would anyone do this if they didn't have to? That's all I wonder.

I've learned to make chocolate cupcakes and other goodies and I bring them to get togethers and no one knows the difference until I pick one up and take a bite and then I get the 'You can't have that...' I just laugh and say 'yes I can, I made them and they're gluten free' Surprised looks from all because they couldn't tell the difference.. heehee

Two can play at this game!!! LOL LOL LOL

Well done, I love your attitude! I've brought gluten free brownies made from a Trader Joe's mix, to parties, and they disappear faster than the wheat based brownies. Yes, gluten free can taste great! :lol:

Self diagnosed gluten intolerant, gluten free since 12/09.

Diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 15 years ago. Fibro symptoms have improved but not gone away with gluten free living.

Osteoarthritis, mostly in hands and neck and lumbar spine. Not sure if going gluten-free has helped that problem, but it certainly can't hurt. (Am very grateful that so far no sign of the RA that is devastating my mother lately.)

Considering a dairy free trial. Considering.

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