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Seeing The Dr Today

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ok so i have to go and see the dr today at 2

i have a list of symptoms i have been experiencing

i had blood test done earlier on in the month

a very simple one at that but when i went to the outpatients dept due to soy allergy i found out the blood test was negitive

im going to have to ask for more time off work as there is no way i will be able to work like this

here is my list of symptoms

sunus headakes

upste stomach



muscle cramps every where

mouth sores

tingling in hands and feet

skin rash on leggs

throat rash and blisters in back of throat (from soy)

blurred vision at times

glands behind ears and down neck swollen and tendar

and allergy symptoms

good grief can my body come up with anything else lol

i have been going gluten free for about a month reading all ingredients lists avoiding soy

but im still haveing these symptoms some worse than others

this will be intresting to hear what she will say

i know there is no way i can go back to work as i work in a grocery store as a cashier i dont have the energy and my vocal cords are all messed up from this rash on the back of my throat

ill let you all know what she has to say this afternoon

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Hopefully the appointment will go well and you will be feeling better soon. Glad they were able to get you in today. Let us know how things go.

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ok so that did not go as i had planned

the dr said to be off work until the 16th and we will go from there

i told her about my symptoms and she did not reply

and said well ill get you in to see an allergy specialist and then we can rule out the soy allergy gluten and lactose allergy

then i asked about the celiac blood test that i knew was negitive but i wanted to hear it from her

she said to test positive you need to be a 9 im a 4.1 not enough to act on then said that it could be a false neg (daugh) lol but because i was so sick before i had the blood test and not having much gluten or much of anything in my system it would test neg

then the husband said well then she can eat gluten now then i piped up and said nooonooonoo i am going to stay gluten free because im not bloated and swollen feeling when im off gluten and other symptoms happen that are not so pritty so im staying awayfrom it

then i asked about he berrium swallow test and asked if i need to eat gluten before that test for the results to show she said no just keep doing what you are doing

and she is referring me to a bowel specialist that will take 4-6 months to get in to see

my god im so frustrated i don't know what to eat anymore i feel like my body is fighting against me and i feel like the dr is not listening to me

there are no other dr's around to move to either gurrrr

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