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Just watched Woody Allens "Sleeper", the premise of which is that he is asleep for 200 years, and is woken up; kinda a Rumple Stilskin story.

upon awaking 200 years in the future, he asks for wheat germ, and tigers milk, having been the owner of a health food store in Greenwich Village.

one doctor asks the other, "what is that?",

the other replies, "they were foods believed to be healthy in his time"

to which the first doctor replies "what? no deep fat? no steaks?"

this is my dream about the future: wheat is removed from the face of the earth, and becomes unknown.

It goes from being everywhere, to being nowhere.

take this hypothetical idea, and that is what it is, just a hypothetical idea, and try to imagine what the world would be like, just as an exercise in imagination, if nothing else.

take what you know about how wheat effects everyone, not just celiacs, and imagine how much better humanity would be without it.

wouldn't we all be much better off??

and do watch the movie, it's hilarious. one of the funniest movies of all time.

the slapstick almost rivals Charlie Chaplin.

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I loved that movie.

Of course I don't remember the line about wheat.

But that is very precocious of them wasn't it?

I wanna live there...a society without wheat.

Can we get a Celiac Utopia started?

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My favorite part of the movie was when they found the old VW in the cave and it started right up. (I STILL love the old bugs!)

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