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Day 12 Gluten Free, Some Big Changes

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I'm day 12 gluten free. It hasn't been horribly difficult to follow the diet, as I was mainly gluten-free free for my meals, but not gluten-free free for snacks.

I felt sick the first few days. Then I felt calmer over the next few days. I haven't woken up in anxiety in the last 5 days. I stopped biting my finger nails without conscious effort for the first time since 5 years old, and I'm 32 now. That's amazing.

I've got more energy, but not "normal" yet. I can face social situations with less anxiety. I was in crowded San Francisco for hours yesterday and didn't have an anxiety attack like I usually do.

I realize it wasn't the people in San Francisco, it was that when we get to the city, the first thing we do is eat, since it's an hour+ drive for us. We eat BREAD, then I basically get sick and blame it on all the people causing me anxiety and we drive home shortly after, often in a fight with the wife.

This was different, I didn't break down, I was fine. I was tired, but didn't start biting my nails at all. The drive home was pleasant. When we got home, I put my son to bed and read him a book. It was pretty good.

That is a dramatic change in quality of life, being 12 days off gluten-free. FYI- I am self-diagnosed.

Now I need to go get a nail file I guess. It feels weird having some finger nails, will take getting used to for sure.

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