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Seltzer With Natural Flavor Have Gluten?

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I wonder if anyone knows about Vintage Seltzers or Trader Joe's flavored seltzers. Supposedly there is no artificial sweeteners but I am now just linking a decline in my health to when I started drinking it in large quantities (over the past year).

In my teens, I had chronic yeast infections from nutrasweet in Crystal Light which I was drinking a lot of. Now I wonder if my issues are linked to the selzer?

Anyone know anything about this?


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I don't know what the ingredients are. Maybe there is one common thing that bothers you. Can be hard to know.

I have a problem with the bubbles. It is much better since gluten-free but I still can only do a small amount. I pour my diet Mt Dew in a glass to get some of the bubbles out. The sweeteners don't bother me except the ones the sugar alcohols they put in sugar free candy.

Of course bubble issues are more gas & bloating. Perhaps carbonation messes with other stuff in your stomach? Might want to google that.

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