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It's Wednesday And I Still Can't Shake A Mean Case Of The Mondays!

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So..Monday...against my better judgement, but seriously, sometimes you just gotta follow your heart...I got an ice cream at the local scoop shoppe! I got it in a dish, and i asked them to get a clean scoop....I know that won't stop the cross contamination but it will help some.....anyway, i got a scoop, and the best ice cream i have had in a long time and now....i know i have been glutened and I can't shake the blahs! I seem to get minor symptoms if there is minute cross contamination, and this is the first time in my Celiac life that i have EVER done anything like this (ie..put myself at risk)...I get a very itchy rash that goes away after a few days..but the big problem is i crave sugar like it's the only food on earth. Yesterday I ate an entire medium size bag of Peanut M&M's (the bag that cost 4 bucks!) and an entire pint of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. Today, a king size bag of M&M's, a snickers, a box of Jr. Mints..and i told my boyfriend to not buy me any ice cream even if i kick, scream, cry and pout. I try to not buy it, but then I seriously find myself being completely unable to function. I try to buy smaller sizes of candy...but then i just wind up going back to the snack machine over and over. someone told me once that Celiac's tend to crave sugar more.....anyone know what is going on? What i can do? i definitely won't be getting anymore ice cream from the scoop shoppe, but this is just one example of when it happens....


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The thing about sugar is that it makes you want more sugar . . . what works best for me is that when I give into the craving, to also eat something else . . . something in the protein family. If I'm eating cookies then I drink a bunch of milk . . . they go nicely together and I will stop with the cookies much quicker. Eat a handful of almonds or a spoon of peanut butter.

Btw . . . my experience has nothing to do with a glutening . . . and everything to do with just craving something sweet. :ph34r: Don't know if it will work for you but it's worth a shot.

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