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Questions On Beauty Products

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Hi. I'v been gluten free for about 7 mos now. This question may seem dumb, but up until recently, I never really thought about it. Anyways, should I be reading the ingredients of the lotions, shampoo and conditioners? And I guess that would go for make-up as well? I do have an allergy to aloe, so I avoid that. I just never thought to look for anything gluten in them. I do get these bumps on my arms & lower back every once in a while...they tend to get itchy as well.

Any advice would be great :)

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Yes, anything that can possibly come into contact with your mouth you need to be careful of. It's easy for shampoo/conditioner/soap to drip down your face in the shower. Garnier Fructice is a great company, and Dove is very good about making gluten ingredients clear on their labels. Also, if you put lotion on and then eat something with your hands you could get glutened. As for make up, definitely check out lip sticks, glosses, and liners.

Definitely not a dumb question, so don't worry. :) There are a bunch of threads on this so try doing a search for more info.

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