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ok so what do you guys drink and, what is safe for the condition..


orange juice 100% pure (tropicana, minute maid)

some soft drinks..7up


coffee (instant nescafe) 100%


what do you guys drink??

what cheeses do you guys eat???

what yogurts do you guys eat??

I'm me and, from Canada, Montreal

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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):


what do you guys drink?? I drink water (plain and flavoured), Sprite (regular and remix), Fresca, Pepsi (caffiene free for me), and hope to try coffee this week. I miss my coffee. I also have soymilk (dairy allergy).

what cheeses do you guys eat??? I gave up cheese...I tried a dairy free cheese and it sucked!

what yogurts do you guys eat?? I"m thinking I need to try a soy yogurt I have here to home, otherwise, I"ve given this up, too :(.

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Hi Mario,

I drink water all day long. Other thinks I drink are:

green tea

herbal tea (mostly mint)

lemon water

Blue Diamond Almond milk (chocolate and original)

Arizona Iced Tea (all flavors are gluten-free)

I also make my own fresh fruit and veggie juices in my Juiceman Juicer.

I gave up sodas and black tea. I do drink coffee occasionally, but since I gave up dairy it isn't the same. I had my first cup of coffee since November this morning, since my in-laws were visiting (and had me up at 5:30am), and I used the chocolate almond milk for creamer. It was pretty good.

I don't eat cheese or yogurt.

God bless,


~West Coast-Central California~

Mariann, gluten intolerant and mother of 3 gluten intolerant children

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The best cheese is from Cabot Farms! http://www.cabotcheese.com/f1.tmpl?left=me...ht=history.html I love the Hunter Sharp!

If you have a Wal-mart near you, feel lucky--you can buy Cabot cheese there at a fraction of the regular price! :P (Their butter is great, too!)

Cabot has spoiled me for other cheeses.... There is no way I can eat Kraft now! :D

**Remember that shredded cheeses (of different types) are often coated with flour so they won't stick together! :angry:

As for yougurt, well I prefer Brown Cow Cream at the Top! Yummy!! But, my son will eat Yoplait, Dannon, Danimals, Moo Tubes, and some store brands... Some of these may have some issues, but we have never had any trouble (and we would recognize trouble if we saw it! B) ). We just keep away from natural flavors, carmel colorings, questionable starches, and things you wouldn't expect to find in a good yougurt.

Drinks? I drink mostly Spring water (city water makes me see ....many colores... and get dizzy! (I'm too old for that type of thing!)

But, I'm able to drink dairy (now) and I prefer Blue Sky sodas. Also, juices like orange, pineapple, grape, and apple--most without artifical or natural flavors are okay (just juice!) . Also, herbal teas and Lipton decaf tea. Bottled wines of a good vineyard are good for me :) And, I'm about to brew up another batch of good homemade beer!

Were you looking for something particular?


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One thing that is bothering is the drinking aspect. Sometimes I need something that will quench my thirst, something obviously from pre-celiac days. I appreciate everyones input on the soy, but what is everyone drinking...like juices, pop or soda, to safe forms of alcohol i.e. liquors, mixed drinks and so on. Has gatorade given anyone trouble? I have look at list like the ones posted in the gluten free kitchen, but as you all know experience is the best teacher. All info will be accepted and appreciated.

-Richard :lol:

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Hi Mario,

I drink water, water and water, some herbal teas, such as Chamomile, coffee, and the occasional light Rum, Ciroc Vodka, and some juices(rarely) and Silk Soy milk.

It sounds like you are very healthy, how has this diagnosis affected your immune system, and ability to handle carbohydrates?

By the way, is that your puppy's picture? I love puppies!

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Green Tea


Tree Top Orchard Blends Juice

Country Time Strawberry summer lemonaide


Living gluten-free, Egg, Dairy, Nut, Soy, and Corn Free since Winter/Spring 2003

Fathers be good to your daughters,

Daughters will love like you do,

Girls become lovers who turn in Mothers,

So mothers be good to your daughters too.

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Loving the lists. Keep the product names coming.

Stash tea-hot and cold

Minute Maid Calcium+D lots of pulp (watch out for the kid's multivitamin. Don't know if VitE is in it).

Silk Soy DHA-Why does it taste better? I think it might be fresher at my grocery store.


Used to supplement with GeniSoy powdered shake mix in Soy milk

Not-Chicken Broth to boost blood pressure

Water-Ick Never liked it unless I was outrageously dehydrated.

Dreaming of the answer to the gatoraid/poweraid question before summertime gardening.

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Pacific vanilla chai tea. so addictive that I buy by the 3 lb cans. Yummy

Positive biopsy, positive blood test in 2/2006

Muscle biopsy in thigh in 2004 to confirm metabolic myopathy (found denervated nerves)

Interstitial cystitis diagnosis 2004

Hysterectomy 2003

3 for c-sections, 2 laparoscopies to remove abdominal adhesions

Abnormal heart beat when tired or glutened

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Diet Coke, Diet Coke, and more Diet Coke


1989: I am diagnosed with IBS.

3/08: 8-year-old son diagnosed with Celiac (blood test and biopsy) and allergies to corn, egg whites, soy, peanuts, walnuts, wheat, and clam.

6/08: My Celiac test is negative.

7/08: I go completely gluten free despite negative test and NO MORE IBS SYMPTOMS!!

7/09: My Enterolab gluten sensitivity gene testing results indicate I have one Celiac gene and one gluten sensitivity gene.

8/09: I am diagnosed with Celiac based on gene testing results and positive response to diet.

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I drink all coke products (I do not care for Pepsi), dr pepper, gatorade, vitamin water, wine, hard cider (woodchuck says gluten-free on the bottle), most alcohol, juices and tea.


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Diet Coke, Diet Coke, and more Diet Coke

I love Diet Coke!

I also drink a lot of coffee with skim or half & half, water, water with crystal lite, and chai tea (stash or celestial seasonings brands).


gluten-free (04.17.2006)

corn-free (03.27.2007)

xanthan gum-free

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In the morning, I drink Celestial Seasoning's Morning Thunder tea. I was drinking coffee, but got tired of making it. Tea is easier to make. :)

Rest of the time I drink water. Evenings, I like Sleepytime Tea, or Peppermint Tea. On special occasions I like to get Virgil's Natural Cola--caffeine free and gluten free. Their root beer is great too.

Occasionally drink orange juice, but not often; it irritates my psoriasis. I'm hoping that by giving up dairy, the psoriasis will calm down and OJ might become more of a regular thing.

I don't drink cow's milk, and only have soy milk if I have cocoa, which isn't often.

Negative EMA test 8/08

Gluten free 8/08

Positive response to dietary change

Dairy free 3/09

Citrus free 5/09

Allergies: bananas, apples, green beans, mold.

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I've been drinking some gatorade/powerade just check ingredients on the different brands just in case. I've also started drinking a lot of water with crystal light in it which says gluten free on the package, milk, and 100% orange juice. For yogurt I eat Yoplait it tastes great and says gluten free right on the package. I hope this helps

Allison Ely

Gluten-Free since 11/08

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I know this thread is 5 years old, but I love lists, so I'm posting anyway!

I drink water:


*with lemon slices

*with lemon and lime slices and a few drops of stevia (it's like 7up but "flat")

I drink tea occasionally:

*Tazo peppermint tea

*Republic of Tea ginger peach

*Yogi detox

*Yogi peach detox

*Yogi green

If I have alcohol, I stick with:

*white wine (I've never had a bad reaction to white wine, I stick with unoaked varieties, nothing cheap, tho I even drank $2 Chuck [Charles Shaw] from Trader Joe's and felt fine! Each person may vary, though)

*red wine (this is tougher, I've definitely noticed "gurgling" from some red wines, Big House Red I've never reacted to, nor any Ten Spoon Wines...I used to be fine with Tapena, but the last couple times I've had gurgles. The vineyard claims they are unoaked and gluten-free, so I think it's something other than gluten)

*dirty vodka martinis (made with potato vodka)

*gluten-free hard cider

I don't really drink soda. I have on occasion (probably 4 times in the last year) had Sprecher's Soda and some Diet Coke.

Graves Disease 5/95-5/97

Noticeable GI distress started 8/07

Mom Dx Celiac 9/08

Dietary Response POS 10/08

Bloodwork and Biopsy NEG 12/08

IgA Deficient

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