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What Helped Me With My Anxiety

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Hello everyone,

I have recently discovered a website and book that has help me tremendously with my anxiety. I have suffered with anxiety for about 10 years with panic attacks off and on. I have been stable when taking Zoloft but when I would try to reduce my dosage my anxiety would come back. Since I have been gluten-free my anxiety symptoms have reduced but I still struggled from time to time.

Since the forum on this site has helped me so much dealing with Celiac disease I went online to find a forum for anxiety sufferers. I found the site below.


Although they don

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When my anxiety started 4 years ago I was in a really bad spot. That website was my saving grace, it just all made so much sense. Every once in a while when I am going through a bad spell I go back to the website for a refresher. I also read the book and that was part of my recovery. I went gluten free in January and like you my anxiety is much better but still lingers. Hoping the longer I stay off gluten the more the anxiety will just diminish.

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