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California Baby Products

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Since it took me forever to find products that work well with my sensitive skin (apparently I'm one of those sensitive celiacs where eliminating gluten from my diet just wasn't enough) I thought I'd share what a saving grace California Baby lotion has been for me. I currently use their Super Sensitive Everyday Lotion and have had no problems with rashes, itchiness, etc. I've often found that even using products that are declared "gluten free" or for "sensitive skin" are still too harsh for my skin- but this has been great.

I was wondering what other California Baby products anyone else uses, and if they've been okay for your skin. I want to use their shampoo and possibly their bath wash, but I still get really nervous to try anything new and would rather read other's experiences first. Thank you!

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The California Baby web site is pretty darn good. I posted a question here a while ago about gluten-free bath suds, and no one responded. Meanwhile I had other feelers out and someone from Whole Foods emailed me that for kids Alaffia 32oz which comes in 2 scents with a retail price of 14.99. WHOLE FOODS. July 2011. Obviously you do not have to be a kid.

Back to California Baby. I just was at WF and forgot about the Alaffia and instead bought CB's Chamomile and Herbs bubble bath (http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/product/91526/California_Baby_Bubble_Bath_Chamomile_%26_Herbs/). The site I just pasted doesn't say so, but this site


states: California Baby products are free of common allergens such as milk, egg, peanut, walnut, cashew, almond and pecans, fish, shellfish, soy, and wheat. California Baby products are also free of gluten and casein.

The suds I bought contain tocopherol which sometimes is derived from wheat. But since CB states in their faqs that their baby products are free of wheat...

Anyway, I haven't tried to suds yet.

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