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First Ever Dedicated Gluten-Free Deli

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Hi everybody,

I just found this article on glutenfreely. Just wanted to post it here, cause I think, it's awesome. There's a dedicated gluten free deli starting today at ACME supermarkets. They are around Philly and I don't know where else. I've looked at Harrisburg and surroundings and couldn't find any <_< , but at least Philly won't have this "deli insecurity" anymore. Here's the link: http://glutenfreeworks.com/blog/2011/06/15/dietz-watson-and-acme-partner-in-first-ever-dedicated-gluten-free-deli/

If any of the Philly peeps goes there, please let us know about your experience... good or bad. We want to know!

Thanks, Stef

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