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Travel To Belize And Little Cayman

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Does anyone have current experience staying (and eating) at any of the eco-resorts in Belize or at the Little Cayman Beach Resort in the Caymans?

There was a post in April about the Belize Jungle Dome but that was the only current info my search turned up. I'm hoping to find a resort that is celiac-experienced.

During my stay in Belize I'll be interested in bird and insect (esp. butterfly and moth) photography so any info about that would also be welcome.

Thanks in advance!

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My wife and I traveled to Belize in 2007. We stayed at Jaguer Reef LOdge. It is located in southern Belize by the town of Hopkins. The resort was all inclusive. They were great at serving me meals I could eat. We went on some day trips the week we were there, the resort made sure I had somthing to eat.

If you have any questions let me know. Woody

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