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Having A Celiac Break Down

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Thank you every one so much. You have all given some GREAT IDEAS and hope. Is there really a diet that will cure this?

Valerie :lol:

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Rudi's and Udi's are both soft and have the right texture for bread. They're not crumbly like some gluten-free breads. Everything I've tried by Udi's has been good. Their cinnamon rolls are wonderful, the muffins good (a little sticky since they're frozen), and I just got a package of snickerdoodle cookies that were great. I just tried Multigrain Rudi's and it's really good too.

Glutino makes bagels that I like, though they're lighter than wheat ones. I get them sometimes as a treat and have them with lox and cream cheese. If you're wanting donuts, go for Kinniknnick. Glutino has cookies that are just like Oreos, called dream cookies.

I don't eat a lot of the gluten-free specialty foods because they're expensive. I have a rice cooker that I use a lot, and it's really easy to bake a potato in the microwave.

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I just am a night owl. I eat the cool ranch doritos that are gluten-free. And the candy I eat is gluten-free. So the bread really is good? I bought some bread 1 time that weighed 5 pounds and horrible. I will try it. Thanks so much

There are lots of horrible gluten-free breads out there, but don't let that stop you from trying another type or brand. Udi's or Rudi's seem to be the favorites on this board. I've also heard Katz is pretty good but I haven't tried that one. gluten-free breads will not be exactly the same as gluteny bread but if you toast them (or make a grilled cheese) they are really close.

Another of my favorite products is King Arthur gluten-free flour. If you can find it where you live you have to try to make their pizza crust recipe. http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/gluten-free-pizza-crust-recipe

It does take a lot of time to wait for the rises but it's so worth it. This is one of my fovrite crusts.

A simple meal with love is better than a feast where there is hatred. Proverbs 15:17 (CEV)

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Also do you have a crock pot? Check out this blog: http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/

Everything she makes is gluten free.

Some of my favorites are:

Orange Chicken

Turkey and wild rice soup

Salsa chicken

Chicken lettuce wraps

Lamb with Rosemary and Lemon

Meat loaf


Tortilla soup

And those are just the ones that don't require cheese or soy sauce because I can't have cheese or soy. If you can have cheese and soy you've got a ton of more options!

A simple meal with love is better than a feast where there is hatred. Proverbs 15:17 (CEV)

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My god....can i come to your house to eat? Thank you so much. You are great.


Nothing I made is complicated as I am very lazy. We eat a lot of the same things we ate before gluten-free.

I like to cook extra so I can have lunch or left overs. Left over chili is great on nachos, or to dip chips, taco salad, on a baked potato. Make a bunch of rice and grill up chicken & freeze in little baggies to use for many things. Frozen veggies are easy to add to the rice, chicken, canned black beans. You can get corn, rice or Teff tortillas & make Quesidillas, ham & cheese, etc.



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Our dinner on Sunday was fried red potatoes, fried chicken gizzards, hearts, and livers lightly breaded in a flour blend (sorghum, brown rice, and white rice), seasoned with garlic powder, sea salt, and paprika, dipped in freshly cultured raw milk sour cream, and a salad.

*hangs head in shame* Yes, I know it wasn't GAPS or paleo compliant, but it was Father's Day, and I WANTED gizzards dang it! :P I did pay for it with a carb hangover all of yesterday though.

Dinner tonight will be at our local GiG meeting. I'm bringing mexican brownies made from this recipe.

Undiagnosed for 20 years since first symptoms.

March 2009 - Negative Blood work

April 24, 2009 - Gluten-free

April 29, 2009 - Notably positive response to gluten-free Diet.

May 2, 2009 Dairy Free

May 6, 2009, Soy Free

May 27, 2009 Enterolab Results: Positive Anti-gliadin IgA, tTG IgA, Casein, HLA DQ2.2, HLA DQ8

June 4, 2009 Refined sugar free (except Raw Honey, pure Maple syrup)

June 29, 2009, Dad diagnosed Celiac by GI specialist via blood work and dietary response.

July 2009, Dad's gene test: double DQ8! Thanks Dad - I'll try to get you something nice for Christmas! :)

August 8, 2009 Really Soy free this time - Thanks Blue Diamond for the soy lecithin in the almond milk! :(

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