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Kids Were Tested Today

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So I took my kids in today to be tested. I was hoping for a genetics test but I guess they won't do that? Insurance maybe? I also asked for for my son to be tested for vitamin deficiencies, they wouldn't do that either. My son was so uncooperative. He was having heart burn and stomach cramps but told the dr. he didn't. The dr. wants him tested for other possible cause as well. We have been down the whole, referral to a G.I. before and that didn't go well. I got the feeling he wasn't fond of a celiacs diagnoses. Honestly at this point I am worried about a negative test. I know he does better on a gluten free diet, but knowing dad, he is not going to seriously pay attention to things with gluten in it, with out a positive test, even then I am going to be worried about cross contamination.

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How old is yr DS? You are the mthr & must drive home the need for a gluten-free diet & sometimes if another person like a Dr talks & shows stubborn people like your DH maybe it'll sink in.

I think you need to find a new dr. The 1st thing my DDs dr did was test for vitamin deficiencies. My DD is low in vit D. I don't understand why yr Dr would refuse to do a vit deficiency test--makes no sense. If I were you I'd definitely get a new Dr.

Good Luck!

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