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Feeling Low Level Anxiety

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I was fine up until yesterday when I started to experience low level anxiety. My energy levels are okay, even though they are not as high as they were last week. Can this be normal? I was feeling great last week and now this is happening.

I have just looked around my home for anything with gluten in it including shampoos, laundry detergents, shaving cream, etc, and none have gluten or wheat listed. However, I don't have much knowledge about all this stuff yet, so perhaps they can be under different names?

Can anyone tells me what ingredient names I should be cautious about? My laundry detergent is listed as having perfumes. Not sure if that is relevant.

I'm not sure if the ingredients listed below are in the particular variation of detergent that I have but this may give you some idea:


Unfortunately I don't have the packaging for my soap anymore so I'm going to search online for it.

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There es a "forbidden list" and a "safe list" on this site's homepage: http://www.celiac.com/

I had to keep that with me for about a year until I memorized the list.

In the present time - Are you using your old toaster? Cutting board? Strainer? Wooden spoons? Anything non-slick can harbor gluten. It isn't an organism that will die off, it's a particle that clings to things until it's washed away. Things with grooves, scratches, and pores will hold onto the gluten. You need to replace old kitchen equipment and wares that have these types of surfaces (scratched non-stick pots, wooden spoons). However, if it's slick and slippery (metal spoon or aluminum pots), you can wash off the gluten.

Hope this helps a little.

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Thanks for the help, and wow, those are long lists on the main page! :o

I'll be sure to go through them all. Nothing so far that matches anything with my washing detergent but I'm still worried about the fragrances that it contains. I'm going to call them tomorrow.

My cutlery is metal, and I rarely use my chopping board, but I'll be sure to give it a going over just to be sure.

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How long have you been gluten free? You can be experiencing withdrawals still.

I'm the product queen and I am a big believer in avoiding gluten in them. The only gluten I ever see in anything is listed as wheat something or other... wheat germ oil, wheat germ extract, wheat protein, etc. It's often in shampoos, conditioners, soaps and lotions. Lipstick, but I doubt you'll be wearing that. LOL

Tocopherols are safe. There's a position paper on it by the celiac association Canada. So don't worry about those.

Don't bother calling companies. They will not say their stuff is gluten free cuz of lawsuits. Just look for wheat in things.

If you use the search function on this board and search for withdrawals you can read old threads about it. Your body does some very weird stuff for awhile.

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