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Scott Adams

A Gluten-Free Paradise in Pleasanton - Patch.com

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I've eaten cupcakes at Aunti Gluten's, and they make the best gluten-free cupcakes I've ever experienced. My daughter, who lives in Australia, surprised me on my birthday this year by having 13 cupcakes delivered from Aunti Gluten's. Even though the bakery is located 40 miles from my home, they still delivered the cupcakes in a beautifully decorated box. They included samplings of many of their varieties, and i liked the chocolate one with raspberry icing the best. They were so good, I felt comfortable sharing them with "normal" friends, who seemed just as delighted with them. I feel so fortunate that there is such a wonderful gluten-free bakery located within driving range. Funny thing, though--when I took my mother there for Mother's Day (we were in Pleasanton/Livermore for a rose show and to taste wines), I was looking forward to buying the chocolate cupcake with the yummy raspberry frosting and had been exclaiming about it all through breakfast. However, when we arrived there at 11:00 a.m., we discovered only THREE cupcakes in the whole place! The lovely woman behind the counter explained that someone had arrived earlier to purchase cupcakes for a child's birthday....and she had purchased three dozen cupcakes, wiping out their selection. OMG! I could have cried....but the chocolate and butterscotch cupcake I selected was still pretty darned good...and my mother agreed that the one she selected was one of the best cupcakes she'd ever tasted.

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