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Questions About Casein And Whey

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I understand that if you have a lactose sensitivity, you will probably be able to add it back in a year or two. But what about a casein intolerance? Can a person at some time try adding it back or is it a permanent intolerance like gluten?


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I think that everyone is different. I have been casein free for quite a while (and historically quite sensitive), but now I can eat a piece of real cheese now and then, (and casein is a major component in cheese, apparently). However, I haven't yet bothered to really sort out the lactose intolerance from the casein intolerance. I was avoiding it all to be safe. I think there are connections between gluten intolerance and celiac disease and *any* other intolerances... (soy, etc...)

I'd be intersted too to know if there are people that can't handle casein but can handle whey, since they are different parts of the milk protein. In my head I just throw them all in the big dairy category and stay away.

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