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Grand Canyon

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We just finished a camping trip at the Grand Canyon. It was part of a 16 day trip and by the time we got there I needed more gluten free bread, hot dog buns and hamburger buns. I was pleased to see that the grocery store there carried all 3. They are Udi's and in the frozen food section. They also have a dedicated gluten free section with alot of products like cookies, cereal, snack bars etc. In addition if you go through the store they have additional products. I was one happy camper. You have to look for it but one of their brands of sliced deli meat was also gluten free. At the Tovar Restaurant in the gift shop to the right as you walk in there are gluten free cookies with gluten free oats, chocolate chips and peanut butter. These made a great snack.

However don't try the precooked hard boiled eggs. Those were cross contaminated.

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