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Getting Used To This

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I have been diagnosed with gluten senstivity, not quite celiacs yet but the doctors say it's likely it will develop. I was told to limit my gluten and was more than happy to do anything he said that would make my stomach troubles go away, within three days I felt soooo much. It's been about a month now and I am starting to get depressed over my new diet (although I am happy about my weight loss. I feel like I am no longer welcomed at my parents and in-laws for dinner. My friends dont invite me out to me anymore because they are embarassed at the modifications I have to make. I just wanted to know if anyone else went though this and will it get better. Because I don't have celiacs and i am not doing internal damage by eatting gluten, it just makes me feel miserable, I am almost feel guilty that I won't eat certain things and don't know what to do please help!

Hodgkins Lymphoma-2006 at age 18, now 25

Disagnosed with IBS and anxiety (related to my treatment they say)-2007

Allergies to corn, tree nuts, shellfish, bees- 2010

Positive Lupus Anticoagulant-2011

Erosive esophagitis-2011

Severe iron deficiency anemia- 2012

Inappropriate sinus tachycardia-2013

Tested for celiac three times, blood and biopsies all negative

Now encouraged to undergo testing again due to malabsorption

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Glad you're feeling better. I noticed significant health benefits within 48 hours of going gluten free. As far as restaurants and family dinners go, I will go for the social activity, but will eat prior.

Many people will not understand gluten intolerance so I have read in the forum to tell people I have a severe wheat allergy. People get that and are usually quite understanding.

Self-diagnosed gluten intolerant May 10, 2011 after going gluten free May 8.
Allergic to cat dander, salmon, nuts, lots of airborne pollens and mold.
Soy intolerance August 2011
Dairy and egg intolerance November 2011
Peanuts 2013
Titanium dioxide June, 2014

Bisphenol-A August, 2014.

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You are doing internal damage if you felt miserable eating gluten.... it's not normal to have pain as a result of eating food. You merely haven't got a "formal" diagnosis, so what- do you really want to keep eating gluten and end up with a list of problems like this ?

ataxia and loss of balance

neurological problems such as numbness and loss of feeling in hands, feet

vision problems

brain lesions


bone loss

hair and nails lousy quality



gum disease

kidney problems

This can be all yours, with an undiagnosed, perpetual gluten intolerance.

It was an interesting sorting out process on the friends and acquaintances routine. Find better friends, invite them to your cooking or restaurant gluten free dining of choice, and make sure that your immediate family (spouse, children) comprehends that this is a health issue and that their help and support is needed. In general, it seems that parents and in laws, unless they're also glu int or celiac, merely exist to drive the rest of us crazy. It's more of a comment on them if they can't be bothered to be considerate of their own flesh and blood.

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