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Hey all

Diagnosed NCGS 1st july (no endoscopy) Been gluten free after a month on a gluten challenge since that date.

Since going gluten-free (and I think since about 2 weeks into the gluten challenge) I have had a raging sore throat. I have no difficulty swallowing or anything, it's just painful. Also, swollen glands in the neck area....that seems to be the only place.

Could this be related to the gluten challenge or are these symptoms possibly related to an allergy of some kind?

My skin is calming down again and eczema/psoriasis patches are starting to heal up nicely. I do feel a bit tight in the chest, a little like having a cold I guess.

I don't really want to bother the doctor with something as minor as this just yet if it's possibly related to the gluten challenge. Any thoughts?

Oh, should add too that acid reflux was a big problem for me on the challenge. Not so bad since coming off it, but still there to a degree.

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One of my many symptoms of celiac/gluten was a sore throat, swollen glands, puffy, itchy eyes, trouble swallowing, feeling like I had a heavy chest, burning throat and mouth, mouth sores, bright red skin, sores on my scalp and face, a constant histamine response, a swollen thyroid, heartburn, etc. :(

I had every allergy test done in conjunction with blood work and genetic testing and was stunned to learn...I have NO IgE mediated allergies..hmmm... :blink: I asked Could a histamine response be from gluten? Clueless allergist huffed at me ...I doubt it!

It took me a few months after ditching gluten, dairy and soy for almost all of that to calm down. I thought sure I had an enlarged thyroid my neck was so swollen and sore.

I have read several articles that suggest this inflammation--in the mouth, throat, GI tract...heck, everywhere!--is related to a response to gluten. Resulting vitamin deficiencies from malabsorption can also wreak havoc.

So, yes, in my opinion, I think it is possible your gluten ingestion sparks this response.

Give it some time, but if it continues to bother you, see the doctor. Do not worry about "bothering" a doctor---that's his/her job! If it is related to gluten, however, don't be surprised if you get the shrugged shoulders we all got. They are not aware of all the ramifications of gluten toxicity. Not at all! :rolleyes:

Hope it clears up soon! :)

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