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I Think I Have Gluten Sensitivity

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I have a history of food allergies (pears, apples, cherries, milk, soy, peanuts) so some degree or another.

About a month and a half a go, I had a quick onset of symptons that included extreme fatigue, mental confusion, indigestion, bloating. Thinking this was a stomach virus of some sort, I switched my diet to things that I thought were easy on my stomach which include a lot of rice (so therefore I was eating less bread). My symptons subsided somewhat, so I switched back to my regular diet---again, here came the exhaustion, irritability, bloating, indigestion and a brain fog that left me barely able to work. I didn't realize at the time this could be related to gluten so I went to see my doctor who tested me for everyting he could think of. My blood work came back fine.

Frustrated and exhausted, I finally went on the internet to figure out what could be effecting me. I came across celiac disease and gluten intolerance and the symptoms seemed to fit. I thought, what the heck, it cannot hurt. Three days off of gluten, I actually feel 85% normal. I am still a little tired and my stomach feels a little gassy but mentally, my brain fog is gone and I can finally focus on my work. Thank God. This is the last thing I would have thought would be and I still amazed I caught it myself. My doc was only good at ruling out what it wasn't. He probably thinks it was in my head. Lesson learned...always be your own advocate.

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