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Uggggggh.... The Burning....

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So i did as suggested, eleminated the benifiber. The burning is still there... but is less intense? Bahumbug i kind of wish it would go away quickly. Still treating with benadryl, as it seems to take the edge off, and using icepacks. I've also eliminated the possibility of it being the rice chex i eat (i didn't have it for over a week whilst the burning was still occuring). I'm still bread free, tho i've eaten a corn tortilla today and one yesterday (the small ones), due to the fact i needed something "breadish" to help stop this indigestion.


I go in to the doctor on tuesday (and its a new doctor too :)). I plan on asking to get a full bloodwork done, everything from vitamins to checking my sugar levels (couldn't hurt). I was wondering, as i have noticed several members talking about it, is there a type of blood test that can detect 'possible' food allergies or something? I figure something like that couldn't hurt at this point in time.

I go back to school in little over a month, and i wanna get my body back under control before then :(

(kind of ranting, but oh well)

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