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Vitamin/mineral Levels..

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This all kind of new to me, but I have so many symptoms and I'm looking for answers. Once my GI DXed me she ordered a bone scan and a list of blood tests to check my vitamin/mineral levels. However, I'm not scheduled to go back to her until Aug 30, which ois over a month away.

I had been taking vitamin suppliments all along, but so many of my symptoms are due to malabsorption.

Do Dr.s usually just take your levels..and then repeat later to see if there's improvement? I thought it was so they could give you suppliments in the things one is low on? Also, am I wasting my time/money taking suppliments if I have villi damage?

If a person has low levels of things, do they get treated by their Primary Care Dr..or the Specialist? :blink:

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I had severe malabsorption when I was diagnosed. I was told to take a multi-vitamin and some calcium. I really did try but kept forgetting. However,

my numbers jumped to normal within months just being on the gluten free diet. I am not advocating forgetting the vitamins and supplements though.

Just letting you know my experience, or lack thereof, with vitamins. ;-)

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