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Celiac Daughter Looking For Pen Pal

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My 9 year old daughter is looking for a pen pal who also has Celiac Disease. She is nine years old and was diagnosed 8 years ago. We live in the upper midwest and look forward to her sharing her experiences with someone just like her.


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i am probably too old to be her pen pal. but i would like to share my experience with her . i was diagnosed last year. i was so sad and angry i had to suffer so long (twenty some years). i am so relieved that i can feel better by eating the right stuff and that i was right all these years that something was wrong. i wish i had never had gluten. i imagine it could be awkward to be a gluten-free kid since society is so gluten obsessed and addicted to it but it would have felt great to know i could have a high quality of life and not be sick and jeopardize my health by just being gluten-free. if i had never have it i would not know "what i am missing" or had to "give up." i wish i had been diagnosed so young like your daughter to minimize the damage and maximize health. i already loved fruit and it is naturally gluten-free so i can eat it to my heart's content. i liked vegetables till the gluten made it so hard to eat them so getting rid of gluten meant getting to go back to veggies that are so good for me and despite their bad rap i think are pretty good especially with some olive oil and primordial sea salt (which is pink by the way good for you and pretty too). i also can still enjoy meat, fish, beans, seeds, and nuts - and i can better handle meat and fish whereas while i was having gluten it made me feel sick. i think it is easier to be gluten-free today than it used to be and i hope the future will continue to make it even easier. i hope people do not act like you are being a pain by needing to eat what is healthy for u. it sounds like u have great support and that is so helpful. i do not think of myself as abnormal. what is normal for my body is gluten-free. i question if anyone is really meant to eat and properly digest gluten. i hope you have a bright healthy joyful future.

best wishes!

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