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My daughter has been throwing up after eating and has a very decreased appetite. My husband has celiac disease and was diagnosed at an early age. So I'm worried she might have it as well.

Nearly every night for the past 3 weeks she's thrown up all her dinner in her crib and occasionally she'll throw up after eating lunch. She was a very healthy baby before and was very healthy for her age (right weight and height). Just recently she's had a decreased appetite (which is very unusual for her, she was a very healthy, fat baby). I took her to the doctor and they didn't run any tests and just told me to keep a food diary since she doesn't really have any other symptoms. Our family was on a gluten free diet from October-April and have been really slacking since then. My husband has gone back to gluten free recently but the rest of our family has been eating a regular diet. I'm wondering if anyone has had similar symptoms in their children that have celiac disease or if anyone has any advice? Thanks!

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Yes. My daughter threw up after eating, and also had "D" before she was diagnosed with "probable" Celiac at 17 months.

She also threw up and had "D" again after eating and up to 5-8 times a day. She was then diagnosed with Eosionophilic Esophagitus when she was 6.

Demand to se a ped. gastro. and get the testing done. Vomitting does cause damage to the esophagus and I'm sure you want you child haelthy and happy as soon as possible.

I'm remember when we nailed the gluten reaction for my daughter. We gave her a Hershey's kiss (gluten free) waited the time past the time of her usual vomit after, NOTHING. Gave her a kit kat (gluten) and she puked it right back.

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