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9 Year Old's Biopsy Found Duodenal Ulcers

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6 weeks after positive tTg result, my son had his biopsy today. The specialist came and spoke to us afterwards, and said they'd found duodenal ulcers, so took biopsies from duodenum, stomach and gullet to look for inflamation as well as the ones from his small intestine.

Has anyone had a child with coeliac and duodenal ulcers? The specialist said if the biopsy shows standard coeliac my son can continue to be treated by his consultant at the local hospital, but if it shows complications he'll have to go back to the children's hospital to see the specialist again. He didn't say what the complications might be though, does anyone have any ideas?

My 12 year old daughter's tTg also came back positive for coeliac last Friday, so we'll be going through all this again in a few weeks.

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