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First Meal At A Restaurant

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A dear friend of mine lost his Dad the other day. I decided to take him out for supper last night so we went to what was always our favorite restaurant. It's a small town and I know the owners, and our server was one of my guitar students. I wrote a note to send to the chef (one of the owners), asking politely if he could cook my steak without any seasoning, and also if he could use a clean fork or spatula to flip it. They don't have plain potatoes, they use the baby red potatoes with a seasoning on them, so I just asked if they could bring me a double salad instead, no croutons, and with oil and vinegar on the side.

The steak was heavenly, the salad was good - a nice mix of greens. I usually eat about half of the steak and bring the rest home, but last night I ate every bite. It's probably because I didn't fill up on carbs so I didn't feel full.

Anyway, so far this morning everything is fine. I know some people don't react for a day or three, but right now I'm feeling pretty darned proud of myself. I actually ate at a restaurant and didn't get sick.

And to top it off - my guitar student/ waiter picked up the tab! :)

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Dining out is such a wonderful social opportunity (with family or friends). I know it's scary, but with the right preparation and precautions, you CAN eat out comfortably. Don't give up!!!

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