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Elevated Blood Lipids But Normal Cholesterol

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I managed to get some details as to the results of the blood tests that I had earlier this week over the phone although I won't know the full details until I have seen my GP next week.

From what I can gather everything came back normal except for elevated blood lipids. I am not sure what test he ran for celiac disease but I did ask him to run tests for it, however I am told the only anomaly was the blood lipids. My cholesterol however is normal so I am assuming its triglycerides that are high.

Does anyone know what might cause that and if it could be due to undetected gluten issues etc as the result of the blood tests really does not explain all the symptoms I get such as fatigue, abdominal pain, acid reflux, soft rancid smelling stools etc.

Also so I can clarify when I see my dr next week, what tests should he have run for a full celiac panel?

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Without knowing exactly what tests your dr ran, it's hard to say what the results mean. Here's a factsheet that talks about the celiac antibody tests: http://www.celiacdisease.net/assets/documents/2011CDCFactSheets_AnitbodyBloodTests.pdf

If you print it out and plan to give it to your dr highlight the names of the tests you need and explain you want to have the complete panel. Many drs will only run one test and it doesn't give the full picture of what's going on if that test is negative.

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